September 16, 2013 Birth Stories

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer {Baby Cormac’s Birth Story}

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in love with birth photography. I haven’t had to many chances to photograph births professionally, but if that could be my niche in the photography world it would make my heart happy! Some people may not find it to be a beautiful experience but I do..truly.

So, this is the birth story of Julie and her son Cormac. I was lucky enough to take Julie’s maternity photos recently and I talked her into letting me do the birth, newborn and her husbands homecoming photos! Her husband Loren is currently deployed in Afghanistan,and  thankfully he will be home soon 🙂 It truly seemed like he was right there by her side, he was so supportive to her during her labor (via skype)! Julie went to labor on her due date,she had an amazing group of women by her side for this joyous time. She had her best friend, who flew in recently to be here with her, 2(amazing) doulas, a childbirth educator in training, and a photographer(me). It was amazing. I was inspired by how calm Julie was during her active labor, as you will see in the pictures she almost looks like she is sleeping. Her birth was completely natural from start to finish. I am sure my perspective on the birth is much different then Julie’s, but I am going to try and put notes under some of the amazing moments in her labor to tell a little birth story from my view 🙂
This was taken as she just entered the delivery room, poor thing did not want to be standing up!
Right away the doula is helping her to relax by dabbing her with the wet wash clothsHer Husband is right there by her side, speaking words of affirmation constantly <3Julie’s awesome friend is by her side to keep her comfortable..

Both smiling at the same time…pretty awesome considering she is almost ready to push!This is a crock pot warmed up with ginger water and washcloths. This is supposed to help relieve some of the pain down there..Gotta have chap stick and essential oil..The Doctor arrives because it is time to deliver a baby!

Her best friend looks concerned..this is the first time she has ever been to a birth..she did amazing!This is one of the amazing doulas, Kimberlee- with Serendipity Doula Birth Services..I highly recommend her! I would also recommend the other amazing doula- Candace McCollett
The very moment as she brought Cormac into this world
He is here!!Kind of failed at getting a good clock shot..there was a huge glare..  it was 3:08 amGetting a good look at what has been growing inside of her for forty much emotion 🙂Happy family!!so I said, he was right there by her side!holding handsNow, that is  an adorable face!Time for mom to cut the cord! I was amazed, this happened 15-20 minutes after he was born. They never rushed her at all!!
nursing…look at that teeny tiny handadmiring her best friendrootingtime for birth stats…2 hours after the birth- so cool

Congratulations Fossum family <3

Thanks again Julie, it was so great to be there for you and capture one of the best days of your life!

 Cormac James Montana Fossum


Born at 3:08 am

7lbs 15oz 21in long