May 3, 2015 Children, Families

Beautiful you { Colorado Springs Family Photographer}

I have been thinking on this for quite a while now…

I love capturing families together but I am not into the super posy family pictures I see produced all the time. I think those are a little  boring! I put my heart and soul into photography and I want that to shine through your photos. It has been a while since I have tried to promote family photography only because I was trying to focus on newborns and birth photography but I am itching for more. I love to watch families interact with each other in a natural way. I hate to see families getting stressed out about their little ones not posing or smiling so why not just have real fun together and make it a genuine experience? You will have great fun during our session and be able to look back on those moments together forever! I am also planning on taking short video clips during the session so that you can have actual footage to go along with your photos.

I will be offering these sessions for a discounted price through out the summer and then raising the prices, so get it on it before the price goes up!  You won’t regret it 🙂 The price is $275 for now but will go up to $300+ after this summer.

Here is some of my past work with families, I am really wanting to expand my portfolio for this new idea I have so please book with me 🙂

The name of these special sessions will be called BEAUTIFUL YOU.. I will have my clients pick a few different things to do for our session that way we keep it exciting, here is a list of ideas you can choose from and you are welcome to come up with your own idea:

Good start: A Saturday morning together with your family at home, in your element

Go to Manitou Springs, maybe the penny arcade for some fun

Go to the park or a large field and fly kites

Go fishing

Go on a hike

Go get ice cream

Go apple picking (seasonal)

Let the kids play in the sprinkler