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May 2015

I have taken so many pictures this past month so I decided to make a post all about it. It has been a very busy and hectic month to say the least. We spent our last few weeks in the very first home we ever bought.  I will miss it.. this was a home where we made a lot of memories.  We moved to our new house out on the prairie of Colorado Springs about 30 minutes outside of town. We really like it. I have been taking a ton of pictures from the front and back yard because there is always something beautiful to see.

Emma turned one and we had a small party for her surrounded by family and a few friends. My parents came out this past weekend and we took a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, it was lovely.

I have had a nice break from the business side of photography and really enjoyed taking pictures of my kids and other things I enjoy. I am really looking forward to settling into our new place and soaking in the summer sun.